Canon Williamson Church of England High School, Eccles
Previously known as Eccles Church of England Secondary School
"Brookhouse C of E Secondary Modern"

Northfleet Rd., Eccles, M30 Ph. 0161 789 5359
(For a brief extract from a letter from Mr Neil Whitehead, present Head Teacher, explaining name changes and giving an update on the school between 1969 and now, please go HERE)

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Diane Sutherland - Tina Craven
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Canon Williamson C of E High School
As a former pupil at what was then known as Eccles C of E Secondary Modern School, known amongst the pupils as Brookhouse C of E Secondary Modern School, and is now known as Canon Williamson High School, with very fond memories of my time there (1966, 1967, 1968, 1969) I went looking for a home page. I couldn't find one. So, I've started an Unofficial Homepage website for the school.

I also started a page on the 'Friends Reunited' website, which, at the time, was a free service to allow old schoolmates to look up their school, sign a guestbook and re-establish contact. Since starting that page, however, Friend Reunited have begun to introduce charges for aspects of the service, such as making contact, and it was never my idea that old schoolfriends should have to make decisions about whether they wanted to pay charges to an anonymous site host in order to make contact with each other. If you have joined the Friends Reunited Brookhouse site I set up, do me a favour and let the others who've signed the guestbook there know about this free and independent site, whose only interest is in our old school.

There is a guestbook on this website, which you are welcome to sign, and you can leave contact details and messages for anyone you'd like to contact. Please, if you have any Brookhouse C of E memorabilia, particularly from the 1960's, send photos, scans, memories, anything; sign on as an ex-pupil and maybe we can meet up again with some old friends, even if only by mail/email.

If for some reason you can't contact me by email, write to me at P.O. Box 703, Nanango, Queensland 4615 Australia. I can scan any photos etc and promise to return the originals immediately; I will enter any contact details for you onto the website.

Did you go to Brookhouse/Eccles C of E, particularly in the 1960's? Do you know someone who did?
Let them know we're here.

John Batty, 3J 1969, York House

Please, if you have any Brookhouse C of E memorabilia you'd like to share email me, we can organise scans of photos and you can share them with other ex-pupils as we find them. As time allows I'll update this website with whatever we can get, and re-organise it to suit.

Sign on as an ex-pupil in the guestbook (my entry is the first one) and maybe we can meet up again on here with some old friends. Not much to go on here at present except what I can dredge from memory, as I have no records or photos of my own, apart from a few of the 1968 school trip. Hopefully with your help we'll expand it and have a decent page.

Did you go on a school trip to Chester ..? If you did, you might recognise this still from a cine film made on the trip; Mark Craven sent me the picture, and soon we hope to be able to organise a link to the film here on the internet .. stay tuned .. here's the still photo .. thanks Mark ..
The photos are coming in .. this one from Sue Brooker of some of the girls of the 1967/1969 classes at a reunion; Lyn Tarbrook, Judith Johnson, Sue Brooker and Sue Mort ... here's the photo .. thanks Sue ..

Thanks to those of you who have been in touch and supplied some more names!! Does anyone remember the following - better yet, can you put them in touch? Anyone with [in guestbook] by their name can be contacted by email from the guestbook.

PUPILS: (1966-1969-70)
Carol Wilson
Paul Huxley
Ann Roberts
Dorothy Roberts
Keith Chandler
Gillian Ward
Derek Pearson (in guestbook)
Denise Price
Alan Joyce
Cliff Massey
Peter Large
Craig Stevens
The Hilton sisters:
(Annette, Pamela & Sandra)
Ann Butterfield
Jimmy Collinge
Paul Thwaites
Jimmy Grange
Ena Concannon
Edward Daley (in guestbook)
Angela Monks
Colin Rogerson (in guestbook)
Gillian Aitcheson
Dorothy Green
Frank Frost
Philip Twigg
Rob Barlow
Terry? Loundes?
Sue Mort
Ann Mort (in guestbook)
Pat Mort
Joan Mort
Pauline Williams
Stuart Williamson [in guestbook]
Steven Percival (in guestbook)
Steve Bowker
Alan Blackburn
Nina Farlow
Carol Aires
Sue Brooker [in guestbook]
Lyn Tarbrook
Judith Johnson
Tony Bayliss
Mike Butt [in guestbook]
Roy Scattergood
Pat Wrigley
Chris Tasker - deceased? Anyone confirm?
David Stott
Janet Smith
Jimmy Bethel
Steven Lyndsey
Elizabeth Goodier
Niell (Green)?
Mal Flawith (in guestbook)
Dave Moody
Roy Fisher
Dave Mulligan
John Myles
Does anyone remember the following teachers from 1964 - 1969 and later
Head: Mr Peter Spencer (Deceased)
Deputy Head/Maths: Mr Warburton (Deceased)
Woodwork/Sport: Mr Charlie Stocker
Metal Work: Mr Entwistle
English: Mr Walker
English: Miss Warnes
Art: Miss Effi Taylor
French: Mr Stanley Eves
Geography: Miss Fishwick
Geography: Miss Pauline Kaye
Science: Mr Tranter
Form Teacher: Miss Aldred
P.E.: Mr Brian Kelly
Biology: Miss Winterbottom
Music: Miss Richards
Maths/Geography: Mr Thompson
Religious Education: Mrs Kershaw
Maths: Mr Larry Walsh/Welsh

A list of students from the 1967 - 1972 classes. Many thanks to Barrie Yung (in guestbook)
Ray Chilton
Al Duffy
Steve Green (Gunder)
Jos & Joel Thompson
Gaz Bloor
Phil Joyce
Tim Roberts
Aiden Taylor
Steve Whittaker
Alan Wadsworth
Pete Langan
Martin Chapman
Geoff Aitchison
Dave Rogerson
Graham Harrison
Mark Carter
Brian Bethell
Harold Rochford
Barrie Yung

P.S., Pauline Kay was maths only, Ian Thompson also maths only (and volleyball), Ena Concannon is a coach at Eccles Swimming Club where my 2 boys swim. My cousin, Billy Wong, also went to C of E, and had a trophy, "The William Wong Football Trophy" named after him; he now lives near Chicago USA where he has a Restaurant. (from Barrie Yung)
All additions etc welcome ...

Now we have a list of teachers from the 1971 - 1976 classes, with nicknames and a couple of memories. Many thanks to Karen Mackenzie (nee Edgar) (in guestbook)
Dave Yates - music (Yaggy)
Deaconess Jennings - r.e.
Mrs Wright - cookery (Bunty)
Miss Sellers/Mrs Larkinson - cookery
Miss McLoughlin/Mrs Lindsay - English
Mrs Patterson - needlework
Mr Massey - chemistry (Gus)
Doctor Gardner - chemistry
Mr Marsland - physics
Mr Ericsson - maths (American, here for one year)
Roz Norton - French
Mrs Lewandowski - French
Mr Pritchard - p.e.
Mrs Sleigh - school secretary
Mrs Bentley - English.
Mrs Quinn - school cook, worst meals on the planet!
Miss Doggrell/Mrs Harmsworth-Penn - geography.
Mr Jackson - physics
Miss Pritchard - needlework. - she married Mr Jackson.
(Their luggage got lost between Luton Airport and Gerona on the Spain trip in '74.)
All additions etc welcome ...

A list of teachers from the 1973 - 1978 classes, with thanks to Yvonne Ratcliffe (in guestbook)
Home Economics: Mrs Wright
Shorthand, Typing and Commerce: Mrs Griffin
English: Mr Whitehead
Maths: Mr Thompson, then Mr Norwood
Mrs Lyndsey (can't remember subject)
PE: Mr Swales
Geography: Mr Woodhouse
Physics, or chemistry: Mr Massey
All additions etc welcome ...

Sciences, Woodwork, Metalwork wing
Sciences, Woodwork and Metalwork wing.

  • Link to Aerial photograph of Canon Williamson C of E High School/ex-Eccles C of E Secondary School/"Brookhouse C of E." and Brookhouse Estate Pan camera N,S,E,W, zoom in and out and overlay a street directory.

    Beech Street Junior School
  • If you, like me, went to Beech Street Junior School, an aerial photo of Beech Street is here. The school is just above and to the right of the red circle on the photo. Those of us who went to Beech Street will recognise the large rectangular playground. You can pan, zoom and overlay this one too.

    Thanks to Brian at Eccles Townview for the Beech Street jpg

    Link to the Eccles Education Action Zone, which is a partnership of Eccles schools and their community and is committed to raising educational standards for all school age children and students who attend these schools. Both Beech Street and Canon Williamson C of E High are member schools of this partnership, and this site carries information about the schools.

  • Link to Salford On Line; this used to be the Eccles Townview site, the official website for Eccles, which is where Brookhouse is. Now massively updated to reflect Eccles as a part of the Salford area. Fantastic site, with photos of all areas under the "Salford" banner, from Barton to Weaste and everywhere in between. Noticeboard, community information, The Way We Were and more.

  • Link to The Winton Senior Alumni Home Page, excellent contact site for another local Secondary/High School.

  • Link to The Manchester Evening News Looking for people in Eccles? Try the M.E.N. In Touch and Postbag sections.

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List of Update to this Site:
  • 31 May 2001 - List of remembered 1960's pupils and teachers added by Myself (John Batty), Colin Rogerson and Mal Flawith.
  • 25 June 2001 - Photos of front entrance and sciences, woodwork and metalwork wing of school kindly supplied by Mrs Isabel Clapham of Canada, taken while on holiday in Manchester area.
  • 03 August 2001 - site moved to its current address. (It was originally on my NBCi site, but NBCi have pulled the plug on personal websites and I can no longer access that one).
  • 30 August 2001 - added Mark Cravens still shot from a movie made on a school trip to Chester - link to the movie itself coming soon.
  • 04 Sept 2001 - added Sue Brookers group photo and added to list of 60's student names.
  • 11 Sept 2001 - added Yvonne Ratcliffes list of 1973-1978 teachers names.
  • 7 July 2002 - testing Freeservers webmaster access. If it works again, update to site coming soon
  • 7 July 2002 - 1967-1972, 1971-1976 lists and general emails added.
  • 14 August 2002 - added names to 1966-1970 students list. Updated new "Salford On Line" link (old "Eccles Townview" link). Corrected the link to the aerial photo of Beech Street Junior School.
  • 24 August 2002 - corrected names of teams involved in 1967/68 season European World Cup ("Germany/Austria Trip" section) Thanks to Ed Daley for the pointer!.
  • 09 Sep 2002 - created seperate "Letters" page.
  • 10 Sep 2002 - added birthday cake for sites First Birthday. Everyone gets one slice ..
  • 19 Feb 2003 - added letter from Susan Scarpa (nee Webb) to "Letters" page.
  • 19 Feb 2003 - Flicked a duster around and tidied up a bit.
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Extract from a letter received (with thanks) from the current Head Teacher at Canon Williamson C of E High School, Mr Neil Whitehead, detailing changes since 1969;

Dear Mr Batty,

Thank you very much for the unexpected letter from Australia which we received just after half-term. Since you left there have been considerable changes both to the area and to the school.

I am the fourth Headteacher of the school. Shortly after you left, Mr Spencer was replaced by Doug Read, who was subsequently replaced by Roy Cookson in 1973 . He stayed at the school until 1989. I took over as Headteacher in 1990 although I first came to the school in 1974 as Head of English. I became Deputy Head in 1983 when Harry Warburton retired. I am sure you will remember him as he was the first Deputy Head of the school. Sadly, Harry died in 1990 ...

When you were at the school the official name of the school was in fact Eccles Church of England Secondary School. In 2000 we changed our name to Canon Williamson Church of England High School, Eccles. Canon Williamson was Chair of Governors when you were at the school and lived until 1993, dying at the age of 95.

In terms of progress the school last year gained its best results ever and won a new Government Award entitled the School Achievement Award ...

... We have a new badge, a different uniform, no tie (!) and the school site itself is very much larger ...

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Neil Whitehead, Headteacher
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